About Us

Our Goal   G 4 H

Pasumai 4 u aims at providing unbiased information on different food items, Pasumai Keerai  G 4 H { Greens 4 Health }  health and nutrition. Apart from this, we also provide information on different aspects of organic living and organic cultivation. The information provided is credible and well researched.

Who we are?

Pasumai 4 u is run by a small team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about our traditional Greens,Grains,Grams and want to spread awareness around how to achieve this. When not at their desks they can be found in their gardens and enjoying nature in all its glory.

We are in Trust activities of Tree plantation, Rain water harvesting ,Organic cultivation,using Organic manures,creating awareness among people to consume organic and traditional foods.

Board of Trustees

J.Umanath alis Pasumai Nayagan [C E O]

Environment Activist and  Organic Farming Consultant

Trust 1-2-1

Managing Trustee

Pasumai4 u

M.Aththigiri arulalan B,Sc.,B.L.,

Advocate and Environment Activist

Trust 1-2-1 



Business Merchant,Organic Farming and Environment Activist

Trust 1-2-1